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  • Hello!
    I have been playing Settlers Of Catan for years with my friends. Everybady know that feeling, when your 6 is does not occur for a half of the game. Too big randomness was always a huge problem. Though, we have found a solution. The thing, which is essential is to get rid of dices and replace it with cards. I understand, that this game is based on dices, so I am suggesting just to add card mode as optional to custom games (or custom and auto).

    Below I explain, how I see such a mode.
    You need one deck with 36 cards. one 2, two 3, ..., five 6, six 7, five 8, ..., two 11 and one 12. To keep the same probability. Now every turn you draw a card WITHOUT returning. After whole deck is used, you shuffle it and use again. Normal game takes about 50-60 rolls. Which means about 1,5 usage of the deck. The main advance of such a mode is reliability, that in fist 36 rolls EVERY number will occur in ammount, which is EXACTLY probable.

    Obviously, there is no problem with expansion. You just need second deck containing 18 barbarian cards, green one, green two, ..., green six, yellow and blue 1-6. Alchemist can be used out of order normally with dices.

    Summing up, I think, that there are a lot of people, who consider Settlers Of Catan to be too random. Thereby, releasing such a mode as an optional can make people like this game much more. For example sometimes I am so frustrated with rolls, that I just quit and stop playing for weeks. Moreover, I am sure, that it is very easy from technical point of view to add such an improvement.

    Thank you for considering my suggestion. Finally, I have to admit, that you have done a lot of good job with game. :)

  • administrators

    @Hodor69 Thank you very much for your feedback and all the effort you put in to your suggestion.

    We already have a similiar system in place which you can access by ticking the box "dicemode" before starting a singleplayer or custom match. We put a little twist on it to make it not 100% predictable:

    We have 2 decks of 36 crads with the same distribution you mentioned. From these 2 decks 18 cards each get randomly folded. After that they get mixed together to a new 36card stack. Every time the card deck runs out we start the process from the top.

  • Thank you! I was wondering what does "dicemode" mean. ;)
    If I were you I would get rid of that "twist" because such a mode should be as fair and compatible with probability as it is possible. Of course it implies some predictability, but in my opinion it is not a drawback. :)

  • As Admin wrote, the already implemented dice mode (we formerly call it "cardstack alternative" in playcatan) is the proofed best method to get not so random dice results. If you do not restart after playing half of the stack, the players who analyze the rolls could get significant informations, for the next expecting rolls to come, and it will impact the game. (Robber placement; keep cards, if a 7 in the next round is unlikely and many more game tactics will unbalance the game and will make it unfairer.)

    When you play it at a table with friends no one will calculate such probabilities but at a computer you maybe have little apps which will give you the calculations just by typing the rolls in it - and no brain work necessary to have an advantage to your opponents.

    With a real dice - you calculations will fail very more often...
    Even this is a reason to use really really good random generators and not the standard random function from Java or other programming language.
    @administrators : what kind of generators you are using ? And do they have the requested guarantee ?



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