Freeze up and no return

  • Every game I have played this week has ended up freezing with one or more player having to leave a game. I just left a game where I was winning to come back in and was not given the option to rejoin the game I was playing. This sort of thing should be ironed out by now. The browser version takes forever to load, the game client updates so often that it takes forever to install. The old playcatan version was so much better. Any ideas when these things will be fixed? I like some of the changes you have made since launching the new version, but there's still so much to do. Leaving a game affects your karma. It's not fair when it's the software's fault. :(

  • I have played three games today. ALL OF THEM in the game client. ALL OF THEM I was winning, ALL OF THEM had one player lose connection and an AI stepped in. ALL OF THEM CRASHED/FROZE whatever. :angry:

  • administrators

    @Kidsinthe The next update will include a better handeling of the "player drop out" situation you described. This isnt a trivial matter but it is one of our top priorities to further increase the rate of finished games. We are sorry for the inconveninces this issue may caused to you.

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