Issue with players who leave a game without formally quitting

  • There needs to be a way of ensuring that if people want to leave a game, they formally quit. Too many people just leave it open (presumably so they don't lose Karma points from quitting). This is infuriating, as it slows game play completely and usually ends with other plays being forced to quit when they would rather stay.

    I have had way more people do this than get disconnected due to internet or technical difficulties. Not sure how you would go about addressing this issue re the Karma system? But perhaps making it switch to AI if there has been no response/action taken (with an option to return?)? Or penalising for leaving in any format? Or else faster time outs?

  • As a side note, I have noticed that my Karma has zero stars? I suspect this is because I have had to quit games where one player has abandoned the game without quitting.

    I will always play to the end, even if one person leaves and is replaced by an AI. But I have had so many games (9 yesterday!) where I am forced to have to quite because a player isn't playing and the game is left hanging. It is particularly frustrating when playing on a time limit (like a lunch break).

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    @BlueMythril No worries about your karma. We are aware that during the early access there a still a lot of technical reasons why players have to forfeit games. Therefore we will reset the karma from time to time. As soon as the game is officially launched every player will have a clean sheet.

    BTT.: We are looking into ways to optimize possible penalties for player that are forfeiting the game on purpose. This may lead to a temporal inability to start a new game as long as the other (original) game is still runnig. Also the Karmasystems works better when more players are looking for a game.
    Short explanation: The matchmaking system considers your region, your elo and your karma (apart from the scenario you have chosen to queue for)

    It will look for players with a similar karma rank to get you matched with. If it can´t find players with a similar rank it will expand the threshold.

    On the other hand we also have to consider that there might be technical issues which lead to a dissconnect, as you mentioned. We have to be carefull not to penalize players with bad connectivity. Therefore the reconnect time must be fair to them.

    If you have further suggestions or more questions don´t hesitate to post them here.

  • @Administrator Thanks for the response! I completely understand the issues involved, and can see you guys have put a lot of thought into designing the system to be fair.

    Having just had two games where midway through players stopped responding, and losing all that time put into a game that can never be finished, it would be great to see a middle option perhaps. Something where non-responsive players don't necessarily get penalised, but an AI can step in and take over until either the player returns or formally quits. In a way that means that way they don't get penalised if they were unresponsive for a technical issue, but the other players can keep playing. I've now lost 45 minutes of my 1 hour break to two games that could not be finished, and both forced me to quit the game and lose Karma points.

  • Thanks however for designing such a great online game - and for responding to feedback and technical issues so quickly! Really appreciate your work

  • An issue I'm having is whenever I can actually complete a game and get rewarded Karma stars, whenever the game is OVER and I exit I lose all of my Karma stars... Is there a button somewhere I'm not seeing to exit the game at the very END? Thanks for any help...

  • @Administrator

    What are the existing thoughts re matching nameless players (who I assume are playing without an account?) only against other nameless players? They are by far the worst offenders for quitting when things go south for them, or else just not playing and letting the game hang at their turn.

    It might minimise the frustration for players that are more likely to play to the end no matter what?

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    @BlueMythril You should only encounter these player when joining the quick match queue. Players with no account don´t have access to the Auto-Match or Custom- Match queue. You should be able to avoid them by using the Auto-Match.

  • @kyle.adams90 I too have never had karma stars stay on my account after a game. I seem to have zero stars always, no matter how many games I play. I'm guessing this is part of the early development?

  • @Administrator thanks for the heads up! I've never tried the Auto match, will do next time

  • A good idea for players that quit is to have their ELO affected the same as if they lost the game. Example: First player quits from a four player game. His ELO should go down as if he lost and was fourth place. The last person still playing after AI takes over and game ends should get the victory and corresponding ELO points based on those that quit. The bad karma will take care of itself. All games have rage quitters, but usually the player left gets nothing for his hard effort.

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  • @NoResources32 This is a very valid point. I just lost a couple of games this way, having put 20 mins to half an hour of work into them. My ELO is constantly dropping down, because I will always play on, even when getting a thrashing.

    The only thing that stops me playing is glitches (just had to leave a really good game because the no connection timer is too short, so refreshing the browser to clear the glitches timed my game out), or players that leave without quitting. Currently I have no karma and a low ELO as a result :(

    I like this suggestion a lot.

  • @BlueMythril Thanks Blue. Just now discovering this version of Catan. Only played a few days now here. I know it has many bugs, but players quitting leaving me hanging is the worse. This game is brutal sometimes with no luck, but after spending 30min luck or no luck building, I hate to get nothing for my effort when others can not hack losing and leave. The other side is the connectivity problems I notice some players have. Needs to be a way to separate those that just up and quit from those that truly tried but lost a connection. I been perusing these forums trying to learn more, and I see your name a lot. Maybe we will end up on Catan together sometime and see what happens!

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  • @NoResources32 Fingers crossed :)

  • @Administrator First off, thanks heaps for the advice re Auto match. It makes for much better gaming, even if it takes a little longer to get a game. Still have issues with players leaving, but they are by far more often related to technical issues rather than poor sportsmanship. I have been able to complete many games now - thank you!

    However, I notice that my karma still has not gone up at all, no matter how many games I can see through to the end. Is that feature still in development? Or is that an issue?

    When a game finishes, the only way to exit I have found is to use the quit game option - after the game has ended and the stats screen come up. It never comes up with the warning about bad karma etc, so I always assumed it was fine. That would not be affecting the karma I presume?

    Also, what are the official thoughts re @NoResources32 's suggestion?

  • @Administrator Actually, I do have one suggestion:

    If a player becomes inactive, might it be possible to add a prompt feature? Something that the inactive player will have to respond to (within a reasonable time, to allow for reasonable delays). If they don't respond within say, 5 minutes, then the AI can take over?

    That way then you won't be penalising for technical difficulties, but the game can still move on.

    NoResources32 idea from 12 days ago is also good, or something that builds on the suggestion I saw on another post, about rewarding the players left at the end of a game after others have all quit (rewarding good players, rather than penalising bad, is always a better option)

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