Since when do all games end at 10 points?

  • Since today all my games end when someone has 10 points. According to the FAQ The great Catan scenario requires 18 points to win, but someone won at 10 today. So I played a different scenario and the same thing happened. Is this a bug or did this come with the most recent update?

  • administrators

    @Linde Not all games should end at 10 VP. We are currently looking into it. Did you played a custom or auto match?

  • I've played auto match on both seafarers and basic game.

  • @Administrator since last update (v1.0.11) all games in automatch end after 10 points reached. Haven't tested custom matches yet.
    (tested on classic, harbourmaster, ore for wool, c&k+sf: classic, four islands, foggy islands, treasure island)

  • administrators

    @Ferdynand Thanks for the update. We are currently investigating.

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