Announcement Update_14

  • Hi Catanians,

    We are planning to release Update_14 tomorrow July the 13th. This Patch will focus on several performance enhancements for the WebGL (Browser) version as well as fixes for synchronisation issues when starting the game with AI players and general improvements of the AI behaviour.

    It will also include the first changes to the building menu in preparation for further improvements and an overall quicker way to build in the game.

    We are excited to hear your feedback about this change.

    Please Note: Unfortunately the patch will not include the fix for the issue regarding the “pass-trun” Button when building a city improvement. You are currently able to work around this issue (non-displayed “pass-turn” button) by clicking on your development cards or suggesting a trade. The “pass-turn” button should appear again after you did that.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience but assure you that we are working full speed on a solution for this issue. Until then, please make use of the workaround if you should encounter this issue.

    The latest server status info can - as always - be found here:

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