"Enter" key rage engaged

  • Stupidest thing happened to me because of that "enter" key to chat.
    I am used to the old browser catan where you push enter to chat. Here in the new 3d catan which i totally love, oh my gosh the rage.....i was typing in chat "if i get wood on my next turn gg", then i click on the dice to roll i get wood and then i push enter to open chat again so i can chat to type "yeaaaah gg" and guess what with 14 cards in my hand the "enter" key ENDS my turn. Oh my gosh the rage xDDD, the other guy after me won. lol

  • Wow. Talk about bad hotkey settings :D

  • Hey guy's i have something i can't solve
    when i want send message it doesn't work with "enter" so my question witch bouton i have to push to send i cant find in catan's help :flushed:
    thanks to help me

  • Actually the more annoying thing is that at least with the client you can modify hotkeys but THEY ARE NOT STORED. So you have to do that EVERY time you run the game.

    Easier for me to avoid chatting during my turn...

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