Trading is almost impossible

  • AI bots are trading all the time, however I've managed to trader 2 TIMES ON 20 GAMES!

    It has nothing to do with how good my offer is, I tried to give away 20 cards for one useless sheep or whatever. They wont take the deal. This is a bug that needs to be corrected.

  • I agree!

  • works fine to me..

  • @TuTui said:

    works fine to me..

    You cant be serious about this? It's possible, yes. It's sometimes so redicoulus, when everyone is asking for a resource that I have, I deny them. Next turn, I offer them this resource, and no one wants it.
    Also, when nothing special is wanted, its 1 out of 50 they want it. Everyone that played this game IRL know you will more often find a trading parter.

  • @delarium Sorry about this...but with me works fine.
    If you deny on they turn, and try on your turn, the people are more offen to deny too...

    You make the game as you play.

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