Let Winning Players Finish!

  • I was just in a game with two other live players. It was my turn, I was about to lay down a road and a settlement for the win. The two other players quit the game, which shut the whole game down! I was left without a win, and no change to experience, ELO, or Karma. This is extremely frustrating. Please award a player that is in the winning position to receive automatic credit for the win and positive points for Karma and ELO when the other players drop out.

  • Well said. I have been in situations too when players quit if they do not get good picks at beginning of game. They both leave and I am stuck with a closing game. I think those that quit should have ELO adjusted the same as if they lost in the order they quit...

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  • I've just lost an hour and a half to games where you play, and then the other players quit when it doesn't go their way. It is doubly infuriating. First for not getting the wins you had fought so hard and so long for, and second, for eating up ALL of the time you had allocated to play.

    Losing the time it takes for a game is more frustrating actually. It means you get to the end of a lunch break, or the short hour of 'down time' before bed, without finishing a game. I don't care if I win or lose, I just want to see a game out.

    I think the suggestions along the lines of rewarding the players who stick it out are great. They avoid penalising people (on the off chance that it was a technical issue and not a tantrum or poor sportsmanship), and the good players walk away feeling as though they at least got something for their efforts. Even if it was not the satisfaction of completing a game and getting to see which weird and wonderful way it unfolds. I love all the variability in game play and set up. Half the addiction is getting to see how a new configuration will play out. It is wonderful!

    Anyway, would really really love to hear from an admin about this. As I feel this issue is far more infuriating than any of the bugs (which, btw, seem to be fewer and far between this last week - the one exception being games that start immediately with "all players have left" - one time that happened while another player was typing greetings, so I know there were at least two of us there).

  • This is the thing which is driving me crazy the most. Why there is no ELO counted every game regardless if the people left or stay?? This drawback change from atractive and enjoyable to a horseshit where you only get angry. Every player should invest in his/her ELO every game from the very beginning!!!!!!! If he/she left he/she will loose his/her ELO. Its simple stuff, very logic and I cant even believe how this thing is not yet been fixed. Programmers/developers has a big minus for this. And I think many players already quit because of this and play elsewhere. ¨

    The faster you fix this the better. But is already way too late.


  • This is basically what PlayCatan did. You leave, you get a leaving mark on your user. Substitutes would not lose any points if they came to help when someone left. It's like no-one studied the old system. Copying most of these features would have made developing this game much easier.

    Also I think ELO should not be used in Catan. It can be manipulated easily - just play with friends and they let you win all the time. Better make a "reliability" statistic on players.

    And a lobby so players can see who they play with. You will usually start remembering other players and you know who you would want to play with.

  • I just tried to play 4 times. Each time a player "Edit" left the game, when he couldn't win. The first 3 times we didn't continue the game. I immediately started a new one. For the 4th game i continued with the other player. When she was losing, she left also.
    This game isn't playable this way!
    Leaving a play should implicate you lose Elo. And the remaining players should be able to win, perhaps less points than usual, but more than 0.
    If this continues, why wouldn't everyone do the same: exit when it goes wrong?
    Also i suspect (i am pretty sure) there are ways to stop, without this having a negative effect on your Karma. Look at the statistics of *** ....***
    Normally, in nearly all real games, you can give up. This means you lose the game. That's all.
    Why force someone to continue the game, when he cannot win anymore? That is no fun at all. Very boring!
    So although i totally dislike these leavers for the moment, their behaviour is not without sense.

    Edit by @administrators: Please do not name other players username in the forums when writing about missbehaviour. If you like to report a player for missbevaior in the game, you can write an email to catanuniverse@usm.de and we will take actions if needed.

  • @BlueMythril Would be nice if you could replace those that leave with BOTs to play

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