display cities knights balance ( with inactive knights)

  • It's rly hard to keep track on how many cities everybody have plus the active knights plus potential knights in the 13 and up VP games with varying number of cities over the game.
    In the board game it feels like I'm playing against the board instead of the other player.
    Display of the city count ( or at least i couldn't notice it) is missing and starting to count cities is annoying.
    The current display of the active knights doesn't rly help during games with a city built every other turn.

    The city count makes a move that will make a player lose a city possible...

  • I strongly disagree with this.

    It should be up to each individual player to keep track of this balance. It's part of the game and it opens up tactics. Don't dumb down gameplay because some people can't be bothered to count.

  • so don't put ANY counter.

    it dumbs the game down i agree but its counting and i don't want to have a 5 minutes turn just because i stopped to count the cities
    and i have thought of what u said during writing the original post and u have a point.
    put this as an option in the game matching.

  • Yeah, it could be an option. There should be a hardcore mode with no visual aids and a dice deck instead of actual dice.

  • dice deck would ruin games for good players, (srsly think about it ). the actual dice balances the game in a way that the placing phase is important but the game doesn't end there

  • I disagree. The dice deck gives the random element some predictability, which can be used by careful players. The placing phase SHOULD be important. Rolling seven 10s in a row and thereby digging yourself out of a hole you created by chosing bad starting settlements has nothing to do with skill.

    1. the placing phase is still important in without the deck
    2. there are boards that are determined by the placing phase with a deck especially with 3 players even with the a b c order (not the beginner's first time suggestion).
    3. I agree with the need for the element of predictability i know how annoying it is to lose a game just because 5 wasn't rolled once BUT the deck reduces to the difference in the order of the numbers and it will force players to gamble on the order of cards and the game will be determined in the 36th turn .
    4. I liked the deck idea till very recently. and i don't think it's fundamentally bad if that what you thought i meant it adds a LOT of options that the dice doesn't enable i just think it needs tweaking so the situation would be that the one with the biggest expected value of cards will win in the large majority of the games.

  • We have a modified dice deck which can be used by players who want a more predictable outcome of the dice roll. A barbarian stength indicator will be integrated in the next update. We will look closely on the feedback we recieve and may consider a "hardcore mode" with no visual aid.

  • @Administrator

    I know I've been a harsh critic of Catan Universe in the past, but I'd like to also offer some gratitude for a game that is, albeit slowly, moving in the right(ish) direction.

    Yes, it's frustrating in its currently implementation, but it is playable, and honestly it can only get better. The upcoming changes should go a long way toward making the game something most people can enjoy. And yeah, the animations are slow and Unity has crazy system demands for a game this simple, but I admit the graphics are nice.

    So, thank you for continuing to develop CU. I hope the final game will be something both casual and competitive players can appreciate.

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