Display victory point goal!

  • Could you please inform players what the victory conditions are? I mean, the object of the game is to reach a certain number of points, and it's incredibly frustrating for new players not to know what score you need to win. Is it 15? is it 16? Just tell everyone at the start of the game. It would take ONE SECOND to implement. I'm stunned no one has bothered to do it yet.

    While you're at it, remove the annoying double pop-up that appears every time someone rolls a 7 before the barbarians have arrived. It slows down the game and can't be removed.

  • you arent the first complaining about it, believe me.
    But sometimes I wonder what the developers do all the time ...

  • I agree; at the beginning of each game, victory conditions should be displayed. I thought Seafarers "Treasure Islands" would NEVER end. The VP goal is usually 13 or 14, and it turns out to be 17 VPs!

    I hope this trial period serves to make this a great game.

  • We definitely plan to display this kind of info in the game. It is just not implemented yet. You can expect us to have the same approach like in the current App. Before starting the match and during the match via the scenario info.

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