• It is faster to use a keyboard; please offer shortcuts for the 'X' and checkmark, such as 'N' or 'X' for No and 'Y' for yes, so we don't have to click the mouse.

    Things happen fast in the game, and the only way to see what is going on is in the game log. Right now, the player must click to open the game log, and then close it before playing on. Please offer a 'ticker' of some sort on the main screen to see the events occuring.

    In Seafarers, an annoying message to "move either the robber or the pirate" always shows up when a '7' is rolled. It takes several seconds to clear before play continues. Please remove this message after the first time!

    Thank you for your desire to improve your produce. I'm getting used to it, but these changes would help immensely.

  • You can press spacebar for "yes" and Esc for "no". I completely agree with the game log, as well as the annoyingly long screen time for the robber/pirate message.

  • @Rescudo

    Thanks! I did not see those commands published at all. Space and Esc, I suppose, are not attached to any particular language; just not too intuitive. It would be nice to have have a published list of hotkeys.

  • are there other hotkeys as well? aside from n to go and pass. I would like to use hotkeys to build with so i dont have to use the mouse to select on different screen

  • Esc is an inappropriate key for cancel. On PC web broswer, this will close full screen mode.

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