New Trade and further improvements

  • Hi Catanians,

    As you all have noticed some time has passed since the last update and we’d like to give you an overview on what the team has been working on since.

    On the one hand we’ve been working on fixing some server issues that relate to the update system itself.

    On the other hand the team has been very busy working on the game itself and fixing many issues as well as adding lots of new features. Some of the fixes will be visible to you because they are directly influencing the game. We addressed rule edge cases as well as multiplayer issues.

    Other fixes may not be noticed because they were done in the backend (database and servers) but they are as important as bug fixes in the game itself. As soon as the fixes are in place you should experience a much smoother gameplay and get an overall feeling that the game is more polished then before.

    What we were up to:

    We are excited to present to you more single and multiplayer game options in the near future. These options will include AI difficulty settings and the opportunity to set up a Custom Match with AIs and human players.
    One thing everybody is waiting for is the redesign of the trading system. We took our basic trading system, revamped and expanded it, based on the feedback we received from you.

    It is near completion but we want to take the chance already now to explain to you how these will affect the trading system.
    First of all we redesigned the trade board to make it slimmer and smaller without forfeiting its clarity.

    Please note: What you see on the Screenshots is still work in progress. (Wording, colors etc. isn´t final yet!)


    One new key feature is that you now are able to “toggle” the board. This means you are able to close and reopen it at any point during a trade or another action which requires the trade board to be used (e.g. the robber is triggered or a certain progress card was played). This should help you to make more informed decisions during a trade or another action. When toggling the trade menu, the pervious settings are saved to speed up the trading process in general.

  • The biggest change is, that you now will be able to set trade preferences.

    We all know the situation when playing the board game in real life that you are make trade proposal even though it is not your turn. Someone at the table always says: “Do you want clay? I got clay but I will need a sheep for that.”

    With the new feature of trade preferences we want to simulate these kind of conversations in Catan Universe. You are now able to set trade preferences during your own turn or other player turns. Your preference will be displayed next to your avatar. When it is your turn you can simply click on a trade preferences of another player and the trade board will open with the already set up trade proposal.

    This should minimize the time you spend in setting up trades.


    In the example above Pathfinder set up his preference to give away one wool in exchange for one clothes, indeed not a very good trade for anyone else. If you should click now on the trade preferences icons next to Pathfinder in your turn the trade menu opens with that trade already pre-set. Now you can send it to the group and Pathfinder (but also the others) can accept it. (Or you can ignore it all together because it is not a very good trade offer ;) ).

  • Another feature we implemented is the so called “Wildcard” trading. This allows you to set up a trade proposal containing only one side of the trade (e.g. “I want to give away sheep, give me something else for that.”). After you send out this request to the other players, they are able to fill out the other half of the trade proposal (e.g. “Ok, you give me sheep, I give you brick for it.”). The Player who initiated the trade is then able to browse through the different proposals of his opponents and choose what’s the most fitting.


    In this example Claymore (grey) is offering one sheep and is waiting for any offer from the other players. The picture shows the view of Pathfinder (green) as he receives the offer. He can now choose which resource he want to add to this offer and make a proposal to Claymore2, who now can accept or decline the offer.
    All these changes and improvements will give you more strategic options while trading without interfering with the general game flow.

    Speaking of game flow, we improved some of the UI- Elements to give you more easily access to information what is going on in the game right now.

    We implemented the so called “live-ticker” which will give you info about whose turn it is and what action was triggered. Theses text based info will only be visible for a short period of time, so the view of the game board it obscured.
    We also added an activity indicator. This indicator is visible on the lower right side of your display instead of the “roll dice”/ “end turn” buttons. It will glow in the color of the player whose turn it is as an additional indicator.
    Last but not least we implemented an indicator for the strengths of the barbarian fleet and the knights of Catan. The indicator alters its position and size depending on who has the upper hand. This means no more city and knight counting one turn before the barbarian raid starts ;)

    These are the most important and most vivid features beside many other smaller improvements we were working on for the last few weeks and we are excited to show them to you in the next release. As usual we will give you detailed patch notes where you can read up on all the changes and fixes we made.

    We want to thank you for your patience you had and the feedback we received so far. You had a great influence on the decisions we made regarding the changes we presented to you in this post.

    And there is more to come. Perhaps you already discovered some other changes, we made in the screenshots above?

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