Teamed up people.

  • Two friends playin together at game trading exactly what they need attacking together etc. is there any penalty for these "people"

  • This is a part of the game. It sucks but there is nothing against the game rules. The only thing which worked in PlayCatan was to put these guys on ignore list so you wouldn't have to play with them again. CU still hasn't implemented ignore lists. Also since CU has matchmaking, they will have a LOT of problems when people have a lot of other guys on ignore lists and it gets really hard finding a game you can play. Also since there will not be many people playing, matchmaking will take significantly more time than letting people create games in the lobby. @Administrator do you see this? GIVE US BACK THE LOBBY! Make ignore list work. Show us who is online.

  • I faced this once and it's really not fun having people teaming up against you. They would robb from me only like 15 times in a row while I was already very far behind.

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