it should be possible to see the board as well as your hand when you have to change/discard/... your cards

  • It happens that you may pick a card from the bank (when you developed 3 papers) but sometimes you don't remember what you actually hold in you hand. the cards you hold should be seen, even though just small!

    The possibility of minimalising the bank so that you can see the board should be very interesting to. You cannot always recall where/what your numbers are. If you play in RL you can have a look@your cards ánd the board to!

  • administrators

    @SabrinaM Thanks for the feedback. We already have a version of the game in internal testing which will include this feature. You can "toggle" the tradeboard (which is used for these kind of actions) to look at the board or your handcards in order to make more informed descisions.

  • Toggle really? This is such a blatant tablet UI approach. Definitely not what I asked.

  • Blatant or not - I find it very useful ;) ! Thank you very much! How it actually will work will show itself after you've launched it into the trial version. A bit of patience; Stroom ;)

  • I will also find toggle to the board during trades convenient. Many times during trading I don't actually remember what resources I can get and which ones I cannot get .... Thanks!

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