The game is broken.

  • The last update rendered an already frustrating game entirely unplayable. It crashes randomly - at login, during play, in the client and in the browser.

    Your team seems incompetent, not only at making sure what is essentially a very simple game can actually be played, but incompetent at communicating with your user base - who are at this point unpaid and woefully underappreciated beta-testers. There is no timely feedback, no roadmap, no real development log, no real bug tracker.

    This incompetence would only be mildly exasperating, were it not for the fact that there exists a perfectly functional and enjoyable alternative to Catan Universe. Yet you continue to antagonize your community and long-standing Catan fans by giving people who want to play the game online no choice but to bash their heads against a slow, poorly implemented interface while praying that the game doesn't crash every five minutes. This, for no compensation, with no information and no real way to report issues.

    It's a real disgrace that in 2016 there is no way to play Catan online. This wonderful intellectual property is being horribly mismanaged.

  • @teellefsen the game is not working quit well i agree, but hey its free so the developers don't actually own you anything. be glad their making a game right now.

  • @Pieter1512 The problem is not that the game is not working. The problem is that PlayCatan is still much better and they (USM, Catan owners) do not want to open it for general use. Some people would pay to play on PlayCatan but they are not giving that opportunity to us. I would probably not pay for Catan Universe even if it comes out and they fix the bugs. The game has fundamental problems that are never going to be fixed seeing how the development is going (Drop Unity engine and start over! The tablet-ish UI is shit for PC gamers! Give us lobby back and drop matchmaking!). Playing in asobrain is a much better alternative.

  • I agree, the game as it stands is quite broken.

    It seems that too much emphasis has been placed on visuals to the detriment of actual game design.

    For example, a series of bugs:

    Roads can be built past an intersection where an enemy settlement has been placed
    Treasures allow 6/8s to be relocated
    No clear VP win per scenario
    The pirate doesn't prevent ships from being placed

  • The out of sync issues are still very much present

    It seems much of the game state (and AI) is processed client-side, which would explain a lot of this weird local client behavior.

    What I don't understand is why this decision was made in the first place. The game state should be stored and advanced on your servers, not by each individual client. The same goes for AI calculations.

    Seems this game is plagued by really weird coding decisions.

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