Why is catanuniverse sooooo buggy?

  • It's about the 10th time I begin a game and it crashes in the middle of it. There are two kinds of crash:

    1. A message "The request has already been processed" pops up, I only have the choice to press "Yes", and it redirects me right to the homepage, and then there is no way to come back in the game.

    2. Sometimes the game is "stuck" between two players. By ingame chatting we figured out that one player may see the dice rolled and plays his turn regularly, while the others still see the dice indicating the previous roll. Again, there is nothing for the players to do. They can just quit the game.

    I read that the official version is ready to go out, I'll be a pitty to do so with those bugs existing.

    My regards.

  • I almost want them to release it, just so I can pay for it and thereby have a good reason to yell at their customer service people over the phone.

  • administrators

    @diopitagiros Thanks for the feedback regarding the issues with the matchmaking and the server communication. we are looking into it to find a solution as fast as possible.
    The information regarding an official release is wrong. We always said the the early access will last until we are content with the performance as well as the look and feel of Catan Universe.

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