Android/ios tie in

  • Sorry if this has already been address but I can't seem to find the search function on this site.

    I am under the impression that the idea is to bring 'app players' and 'desktop players' together in one place. If so, once up and running, would players who have already bought the old app and its extensions be allowed access to the same extensions on the website? Will it also be possible to merge accounts. I am not sure in logging in via a laptop that I have used the same email address etc.

    Thanks for the advice!

  • Currently the early access is only on PC and MAC (using the WebGL). Mobile platforms aren´t included yet. But we are working on it ;)

  • @Administrator is there an estimated time when the android/iOS and steam versions will be released? When the open beta came out initially it was said that it would've been released this spring but it's already summer

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