Autoselect for Advantages and Discarding

  • Many players take forever to select a resource when they have the lumber advantage, science?, or when they have to discard a card when they get a 5th on your turn. I think they are usually away from keyboard, but you are paralyzed while you wait. Instead, set a timer like for initial placement... and then randomly select for them if they don't. 1-2 minutes should more than suffice.

    Also, play a sound at the beginning of the game!

  • administrators

    @daysky Thanks for the feedback. There is already a timer in place. The timer is set to the same time as the turn timer at the moment. After the time has run out and the player didn´t make a desicion the AI will pick a ressource for them.

    We are always looking into various ways to improve the game. Using sound cues is defenitifly a way to go. We will kepp on improvin the UI and the UX (the feedback you get from the game) in upcoming updates.

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