PlayCatan downtime due to server relocation on May 10th 2016/Spielunterbrechung PlayCatan am 10.5.2016 wegen Server-Umzug

  • On May 10th 2016, PlayCatan will be moved to new server hardware in a new data center. Therefore, starting on May 10th at 10:00 am CET, for several hours (until approx. 3pm CET), the servers will be offline and gaming will not be possible. PlayCatan will go back online again during the afternoon of May 10th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    PlayCatan zieht am 10. Mai 2016 auf neue Server in einem neuen Rechenzentrum um. Daher muss der Spielbetrieb am 10.5. um 10:00Uhr (CET) leider für mehrere Stunden, voraussichtlich bis gegen 15Uhr, unterbrochen werden. PlayCatan wird dann im Laufe des Nachmittags des 10.5. wieder online gehen. Wir bitten eventuelle dadurch entstehende Unannehmlichkeiten zu entschuldigen.

  • The reloacation of the ervers was successful and now everything should be back to normal. If you should run into any problems please let us know.

    Have fun on PlayCatan!

    Der Serverumzug ist erfolgreich verlaufen und nun sollte wieder alles wie gewohnt funktionieren. Sollten dennoch Probleme auftreten, lasst es uns bitte wissen.

    Viel Spaß auf PlayCatan!

  • Java is refusing to allow me to play the single player version, telling me that the security certificate in not valid. This started after the move to the new server.

    I have tried adding the site to the Java exceptions but it still won't allow the game to run. Please advise.

    Thank You,

  • administrators

    @Sista We are currently working on a solution for this issue. Are you trying to start an AI or introduction game?

  • Chat nochmal kurz Zusammengefasst:
    Nebelinseln SuR und Karawanen SuR funktionieren bei vielen Usern nicht.
    Es erscheint nur ein Wasserfeld ohne Insel und auch die Avatare erscheinen nicht.
    Einige, bei denen der Client nicht funktioniert, funktioniert jedoch die HTML Version im Chrome Browser.
    Bei anderen funktioniert aber auch die Browserfunktion nicht.
    Karawanen (ohne SuR) funktioniert hingegen bisher einwandfrei.

    Das Problem scheint also:
    Szenariospezifisch, spielerspeziefisch und Clientspezifisch zu sein.
    Und das erst seit dem Serverumzug am 10.05.

    Kann es an Zertifikaten liegen?



  • Wir konnten einen Fehler in der Client-Software ausfindig machen, der zum Laden der leeren Karten geführt hat. Dieser wurde bereits behoben.

    Die Problematik mit Java konnten wir identifizieren. Eine Lösung hierfür ist jedoch aufwändiger. Wir bitten daher um Geduld. Wenn möglich benutzt bitte den Client.

    We where able to locate the issue in the client, which was leading to the initialization of empty scenarios. This issue is already resolved.

    We where able to identify the java issue. The solution for this issue is unfortunately rather complex. We therefore have to ask for your patience. If possible please use the client.

  • @Administrator Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I believe I'm trying to run the AI game ( I'm clicking "play alone" from the game drop down menu).

    I, myself, am only marginally computer literate, but the hubby is a computer tech and even he can't convince JAVA to let the game run. So, I'm wondering if the new host site has the proper security certificates in place?

    Any help you can throw my way will be appreciated.


  • administrators

    @Sista Unfortunately its seems that there is nothing much you can do right now from your side. Our technicians are on it! For the "hubby" in greater detail: We need to expand the permissions for the java applets on our side. But as long as we are only running on Java 7 (or lower) this could get a little bit tricky especially because the java applet technology has had a littlebit of a ruff patch over the last few years and has almost totally been removed from up-to-date browsers ;) The multiplayer game should work though. Only games against the AI should be affected. If possible please use the client to start a game.

  • @Administrator Thank you for the information. Something in what you said about Java 7 made the Hubby LOL....

    I only play the single player version as I don't even know how to navigate the multi-player version.

    So now the hubby is trying to get the game to boot in Iced Tea......but, alas, it tries to load and then gets the error message there as well. :P

    Can't I just buy the single player version on a disk?

    Thank You,


  • administrators

    @Sista There is no disk version of PlayCatan as far as I know. I assure you that we are working on a solution for the issue in order to get you back into PlayCatan as fast as possible.

  • @Sista said:

    Can't I just buy the single player version on a disk?

    I played this before i know PlayCatan:
    Maybe you are lucky and still get it at an online dealer.
    The corresponding patch can still be downloaded on the official website.

  • administrators

    @Sista The Java issue should be solved for the browser. You now should be able again to play the single player version. Thanks for your patience.

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