AI players just became more intelligent!

  • Congratulations on making the single player game a bit more interesting! The AI players are finally buying Development Cards! They also seem to be attacking the leader if they are about to win, or the one who has the resources that they need otherwise. The monopoly card was played perfectly by AI players twice, so they seem to be tracking the resources players are holding better now.... It is much more enjoyable when all 3 AI players are playing at the same level. Prior to the update it seemed that 2 of the 3 players were just holding cards, and losing them when 7s were rolled.

    So, now that Development Cards are being used again.... Where does it tell show the victory points at the end of the game? I can't find anything in the statistics about it.

    I can guess that if a player wins with 8 or 9 points in the starter game, they must have had 2 or 1 hidden victory points, but I would like to verify that it is not just a bug in the game.

    It would also be helpful to see the other players victory points to calculate the second and third place finishers properly. If a player with 7 points comes in second place over a person with 8 points, it probably was because they had 2 hidden victory points. Does this make sense? As it stands, the final rankings are a bit confusing.

  • administrators

    @StanCason Hi Stan, thanks for your feedback. We'll continue working on the AI in the next updates, e.g. adding difficulty modes. VPs awarded by cards will be shows in the statistics later on. As you noticed, these currently have to be deducted from the rankings.

  • I would like a log of played games for each user, with mention of AI players and who won.
    So each player and the user could get a grading of his skill.
    Do the AI players in the same category all act the same i.e. do they follow the same strategy?

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