Impossible Trades

  • Why do I need to reject every trade including the ones that are impossible for me? If you propose a trade for brick but I have no brick I should not need to reject the trade. Especially considering I cannot propose a counter-offer, needing to reject every impossible trade is another waste of time. The games take too long and shaving seconds off would help.


  • Or do it like PlayCatan. You don't have to react at all. When the other player cancels trade offer it will go away.

  • Thanks for your suggestion. Showing trades, also the ones you cannot accept, is important for many players. This shows them what the other player currently need or have. Auto-closing trades a player can't accpet is an option that we might add later on depening on further player feedback.

  • An option, like the refuse ALL trades, to refuse impossible trades would be lovely.

  • @Administrator This might be important for professional players, but the casual players like me, having only a "reject all" or "accept all" option is VERY FRUSTRATING! I'm a casual player, and it's so damn frustrating having to reject these, I just look for the little red number and press ESC but it's so annoying! PLEASE create an option to reject impossible trades! It will speed up my gameplay and add to my enjoyment. You know, normally when you are trading on the desktop, someone says "does anyone have wood" ... you can choose to be silent, Not say yes or no I have wood ... this can be like a silent reject! Therefore, "reject impossible trades" is good! You can maybe show impossible trades in a log or like a little thing on the side of the screen ...

  • @Administrator Another option you can make is "only show trades for resources I don't have" ... this will be very useful! So, if I HAVE the resource, don't show the trade, but I MUST have the resource the OTHER Player wants ... This will filter out most of the trades I will reject anyway ... usually you don't want to trade if you already have something!

  • @Administrator More specific response option to trade offers needed!
    It would be much more fun, improve the tactics and improve the speed, if we could make counteroffers, or respond "I don´t have it" or "I want more".
    This is a well established feature at play catan. Many of the veteran players miss it, because trading, even haggeling, can be much fun in this game. But the trading setup at Universe only allows for "stabbing in the dark". It slows down the game, and takes all the fun out of trading. If we at least could talk about it in the chat log! But the chat log is not on sceen, and so impractical, it is hardly used any more. So the trading menu needs to allow interaction, not just "yes" or "no" options!

  • add ability to auto deny trades that you cannot make, when you don't have the wanted card. This should be a player choosable setting.

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