Join/starting a Game Options

  • As there are so few people playing multiplayer it is some times hard to find people for a game. I have taken to going in and selecting everything because ultimately I just want to play Catan. I would like to see an option for select all/ any in those menus instead of going down and selecting them each individually. Also It would be nice if it remembered what you had it set to last or being able to set up favorite presets.

  • I would also like to be able to see if my friends are online or even better if they are waiting in the que so I might join them waiting for a multiplayer match under what they have setup for matchmaking.

  • In your friend list you see a small round icon next to each player. If it's grey the player is offline, if it is yellow the player is online but currently playing. If it is green the player is online and available for match making.

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