Computer takes over

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    I truly don't like that the computer takes it over when it takes too long. Sometimes when you play a tournament game you have think longer than normal. There is no warning or sign that the computer will take it over and then suddenly the move is made by the computer. Time limit is oke but no computer that will make the move for you. Also think about a system where players can substitute games. Cause its still a lot happening where the game has to be aborted becuase of the players who are leaving. I know there is a karma system but at the moment it doesnt encourage people to finish the game properly. I'm still asking the developers to take all the good parts of playcatan.

    • overview of the games which you can choose to join and open yourself
      -possibility to substitute a game and help other players
      -Overview of all the players who are online and able to chat and contact them to arrange a game. Not only your friends but all the players.


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