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    Is there something that will be done against those quitters. There are too much quitters in this platform that thinks when they won't win i can leave the game. It is also not a solution that the computer takes over cause it gives the other player the opportunity to quit too and so the game is aborted. Its really frustrating when you only need 1 point or when you are in the winning position and the players that you play quits the game. There should be big consequenses for those that leave games. The star system in playcatan works fine. Please consider to implement the game finding options in playcatan, and to see who's online. This could be a good platform but i hope you still take all the good parts from playcatan.


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    @trissie89 Hi Tristan, if a player repeatedly leaves or quits a match his karma will decrease significantly. In further matches he will then only be matched with other players of a low karma value. To avoid being matched with players that have low karma, please check the match making by karma option in the automatch settings.

  • Ya but I have to leave the stuck entry screen 3-4 times a day by using Alt-F4 and then I do NOT rejoin the current game beacuse it wont work. So I have bad karma for that ? And then I am stuck with quitters ?

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