Making players able to produce bad karma for other incorrect players.

  • Because there is no "punishment" currently, it happens very often the players to leave when they see they are not going to win. This demotivates the other players to start a new game at all... After 1.5 hours of playing, suddenly one of the opponents leave. The AI is not good enough at the moment, so that the game to continue to be interesting. It says that it is making a bad karma, but it doesn't say how this is bad for the player actually. Also I don't know where to produce this bad karma for the player that has left... Because the basic game is still with the same board, I am playing the other games witch are longer to play and it is really very annoying when someone leaves.

  • Sometimes players leave because those they are playing are ridiculously slow. Shouldn't be punished for that. If your game is taking 1.5 hours and it's still not over, you are wasting people's time.

  • @Silicea It was a seafarers expansion game and sometimes it takes a lot of time when the points are more than 15 (espectially when all the cities are broken at the very beginning) Also I was just about to win, so it was close to the end... I don't say that other players play slow, so that was not the point of my comment. I am not wasting nobody's time + it is visible at the very beginning how the speed goes, so it is not necessary to wait 1.5 hour to leave if it is not your speed... All I wanted to say, was that it would be good if people can give feedback for the behavior of other players, so that a player can be restricted somehow and doesn't act like he is God or smth...

  • this game is way to slow to depend on others to finish most of the games and to be honest there is little they can do to fix that. IF the players are playing reasonably fast then the game is going to take a couple hours or is there is lag in payers moves it could take days. most just get tired of waiting

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