Player AWOL - booting

  • A "rule" that allows 2 players to boot another if they have not moved in, say, 60 seconds would be good. At present if someone goes absent (ie. stops playing rather than leaving) there is no way of continuing if the game had been worthwhile.

    I've had 2 instances of this ... frustrating. Especially when one was Greater Catan, a moderate way in, and "Red" seemed to disappear from play (no moves and no comment) and the game couldn't go on. After 5 minutes of sitting chatting and waiting the other player and I called it quits.

  • This could also backfire - you are winning and the other players out of spite kick you out to ruin your fun.

  • We tried that in PlayCatan and we ended up with a whole bunch of people "teaming up" against a player to boot them out. The better solution was the turn timers. Players could set them to the time they felt appropriate, then the timer would count down a boot a player automatically. I suggest Catan Universe do the same. It's very effective and few people abuse it.

    Also, the game should not end if there's only one human player. Most of the games I've played end with me in the lead, everyone else leaving, and the game ending, depriving me of a win. It's no wonder more people play games against AI's here. Playing with real people is too frustrating. Win or lose, I always finish when playing against AI's.

  • administrators

    @JimAero We have added a turn timer in the last update. Let us know what you think of the currently set time limits.

    1. Time limits should be configurable when trying to join a game. Different players want different times for games.
    2. Time limit should not kick the player out or make the AI move for him/end turn/whatever. Rather allow players to vote kick the inactive player out after that. (Like PlayCatan. Why don't you copy these functionalities and then ask what to change? People want the copy of PlayCatan and we are tired of this development management.)
    3. Time limit should be related to the speed of your animations. The game is still quite slow in some aspects. Maybe if your "desktop optimization" starts actually copying PlayCatan it will get better.

  • I have yet to play a game on here, only just re-started playing on playcatan to find you are developing a new site when I was wanting to post on the old forum.

    Having just played a few games with players lacking the maturity to finish a game they will inevitably lose I was wondering whether players that stalled and ended up being booted by exceeding their allocated time could have their account/isp automatically blocked for a week or a month to discourage such behaviour?

  • @Administrator Does this turn timer NOT apply to cities and knights? Or do you have to activate it somehow? I am sitting at a game board now where the 2nd player hasn't placed 1st settlement and it's been 15 minutes....

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