Trading Gold for Resource

  • I was just playing Seafarers, and placed a settlement on a Gold tile. When my number was rolled, the trade screen came up and obscured everything..... the board, what cards I had.... and all other controls.... I had to make my choice of resource purely on memory. Of course I kept making a less than optimal choice for the resource because I forgot where the robber was placed, or if I needed two resources, which one had the better chance of being rolled. May I suggest a way of minimizing the trading window. I think this would make the game much more playable even in normal trading. I don't know how many times a trade window has come up, and I would like to survey the board to see if I want to trade with this player at this time or not.

  • administrators

    @StanCason Thanks for the feedack. We are currently optimizing the UI in order to resolve issues like you described and optimize the players overview of the game.

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