Reopening PlayCatan

  • Dear developers, PlayCatan fans, and others to whom this may concern,

    A few years ago I played a lot of Catan on, and I actually had a premium subscribtion. After a few months I got otherwise preoccupied and didn't play for a while. When I tried last week to login though, I couldn't (account got deleted due to inactivity, I presume), and I noticed registrations were closed.

    I got redirected to Catan Universe, which I tried, but there were quite a lot of issues:
    -Loading takes forever
    -The game is slow and laggy
    -The game is huge (170 MB I believe)
    -The board layout doesn't work and is designed "too 3d".
    -No players online, and the ones that were online didn't play if a game got initiated

    To speak frankly, it sucks and is unplayable.

    This all in comparison to the old and proven PlayCatan, which was quick in loading, organised, accessible. The board was laid out in a way that was organised and quick to access, and with all the necessary features within mouse's reach.

    We now see people paying $20(!) for an account to a game that was meant to be free (without expansions, that is), solely because the alternative is still under development and doesn't work. At all.

    Even with improvements I don't see Catan Universe becoming the place PlayCatan has always been, with simple but amazing features. But for now I only ask to reopen registrations to PlayCatan, so we can have the joy of playing Catan online once more.

    Yours sincerely,
    On behalf of all the PlayCatan fans,


  • Bumping this because of the latest ban on buying PlayCatan users.

    @Administrator please open registration for PlayCatan. Your development will take at least 6 more months and it probably will still not be ready by then. Let players play Catan in a normal way. Having to play in a buggy environment is really bad considering that a much better alternative exists.

  • Seconded! I'll still play CU from time to time to check on the progress the dev team is making (or not making), and if at some point CU provides a better experience, I'll stick with it. You don't have anything to lose and you're aggravating your user base by forcing people to be beta testers.

  • Bump to bump

  • Bitte öffnet PlayCatan wieder.
    Es wurde ja hier mehrfach betont, das Universe kein Nachfolger von PlayCatan ist und momentan läuft auch beides parallel - da könntet ihr das doch auch wieder öffnen?!
    Es gibt etliche Spieler, die eigentlich nur mal eine Catan-Pause gebraucht haben und sich nun nicht mehr einloggen können. Es wäre schön wenn wir mit den "alten Bekannten" auch wieder spielen könnten. Deswegen bitte die Registrierung wieder öffnen, das alte Forum und das Zahlsystem.

    Please reopen PlayCatan!
    It has already emphasized here several times, that Universe is not a successor of PlayCatan and currently also both running in parallel - because of that you could also reopen it ?! There are several players who have a Catan-break and now can no longer log in. It would be nice if we could play again with the "old friends". Therefore please reopen register, the old Forum and the payment model.

    Liebe Grüße,

  • Another bump for this. Please open registration to PlayCatan. You are making the CU version basically unplayable with these unreliable updates. It takes all the fun away from playing Catan online. Please be reasonable and let people play on a platform that has proven to work reliably.

  • Bump. Make Catan Great Again

  • This really needs to happen.

  • Another update, another bump. Seriously, @Administrator !

    For the last 3 months every subsequent update has made playing the game harder. The game constantly crashes during games. Finding games is too long.

    How can you justify keeping PlayCatan closed? You are not gaining or losing money either way. It is hurting you more if you don't because people will find other more enjoyable board games to play if you keep forcing them to play a broken game. At least players would be happier if they can PLAY CATAN.

  • I have never had the chance to play PlayCatan. All I have known is Catan Universe and I have really tried to keep playing, but one out of two games is bugged if not more and it is very hard to actually get into a game. I just want to be able to play and I don't get that from Catan Universe. Could you please reopen registration for PlayCatan until Catan Universe is playable.

  • Bump. This game is unplayable after 1 year. Reopen Play Catan registrations!

  • I concur. I would like to play PlayCatan while you work on CatanUniverse.

  • yes it is the middle of the .game i decided to leave.. no fun playing this game on such a platform.. hardly any progress during the year. the basic idea is wrong with catanuniverse..
    i really hope they will reopen playcatan

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