AI holding onto 15-30 cards and no transaction

  • Hi there,

    I have to say the improvements have been a very noticeable and welcome change! Then I thought I was on a roll when I won 5 games in a row vs. AI in random map layout mode of the base game...then I realized that it wasn't 100% bc of my amazing gaming strategery, but because all the AI players were holding onto their cards and not making any transactions. All three of the AI players held 15-28+ cards and would just keep losing their cards to a 7 roll. That was yesterday, I played a quick game today and had a similar issue occur again. The AIs in general have become much easier to beat. While I love winning, I don't like winning when it's due to a glitch. Overall, has the gameplay w/ the AIs just gotten intentionally easier?

  • administrators

    @jiazzi We are currently restructuring some of the AIs behaviors. It is possible that this could leade to some ... not so wise wise descision making at the moment ;) In the end the AIs restructuring will lead to a more rational behaviour which will also lead to a bigger challenge to beat them .

  • They (AI players) are not trading resources for Development cards. Please fix this issue. It has been over 10 days since the update that disabled AI players from trading in resources for Development cards. I think the code is still placing importance on the Dev. Card trade and that is why the AI player's are hanging on to cards, something in the code says trade for dev card, if not pass till next turn. It really has made the game not fun and seems like a small thing to fix and update.

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