Don't you find it unusual?

  • Overall we have the same old people here, no new users for a few weeks. And suddenly in ONE day we get 2-3 new people who report defects in the system (which aren't even new, just repeating the ones we already have). These reports are very similar in nature, like a developer would write it. They sometimes also mention that they have been playing for a long time. But how are their users as new as their post? These people basically register and immediately post a well formed defect report.

    I call shenanigans on this.

  • How do you know, that rhey are new?
    Why shouldn't they send in exact error reports?
    What's your problem with them?

  • They are new because it says that in their profile.
    They send very specific error reports that normal players usually won't send like tagging them appropriately and using words developers would usually use. The most interesting part is how they always come at the same time rather than throughout the month.
    My problem with that is that all this CU development is a farce. They are forcefully going through with a fundamentally broken idea and removing PlayCatan. Catan should NOT be 3D. The games are taking a lot longer than in the old version. The main features of PlayCatan are removed and no-one is saying anything if they are going to implement them in this version. Now it seems like they are trying to whitewash it all by writing positive comments and bug reports in their own public forums.
    And most of all, they are making the players who are going to PAY for the product in the future test the game for themselves. This is even worse than what other game development companies are currently doing.

  • fyi: The accounts in the forums are linked to the game account. But forum accounts are only generated as soon as the useres login to the forum for the first time. Therefore the numbers of users in the forums isn´t congruent with the numbers of players on our platform. We are very happy about every report we receive and have no interest in "forging" them. I honestly have no idea how we should benefit form such methodes you are insinuating.

  • OK then it makes sense why the new users also post so fast. My bad. But still, these reports seem quite strange to me. There can be benefits to forging them - to encourage other players to report too for instance. Or if you have some management who also oversees your actions, they would like to see how much positive/negative feedback you're getting. And many positive feedback posts have patterns to me, compared to other posts. Maybe I'm too paranoid but whatever.

    Also, why not open registration to PlayCatan? To encourage people to play on a broken CatanUniverse version? My friends are already so angry that they can't play a normal game. Multiplayer takes ages and the AI is currently just broken. Just do the right thing and re-open PlayCatan. CU takes at least a year to get it working, at this pace.

  • Inventing conspiracy theories won't help your (already hopeless) cause for permanently abandoning CU and keeping PC running forever with new registrations. Jumping the shark isn't just for TV shows...

  • I may be the "developer" that reported a defect a few days ago. I am a retired developer that likes playing games. I try to be very detailed in my error description, and know from experience that "it's stopped working" doesn't help anyone. I waited until I found a repeatable condition before reporting. (I just happened to have also changed my nickname at the same time, so it appears that I am new. No shenanigans here!

  • I been playing catan for years just never post on boards myself, including the online version so someone new posting flaws or problems is normal, maybe they found out about the board and finally posted?

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