Forfeiting Games

  • It would be good to have an option where a player can "forfeit". A polite way of allowing the other player to win acknowledging they would have without just leaving a game. I was just in a game, someone left early on, and just me and them. They on 13 points (14 point game) me 6 or 8. No chance.

  • Good idea overall but I feel it could be abused to get more karma/elo or whatever fast.
    Get 3 friends, start a game, friends forfeit. Repeat x100.
    I feel it is still better if the game is properly finished. If the game is at a point where forfeiting seems feasible, you can just make a few fast rolls and let the other player win in the next 1-2 rounds.

    I have played many games where the luck turned and the player with 8 points didn't get any points while the other players got from 3 points to 7. Multiple 7s in a row, number blocked at the right time, monopoly stealing all the important resources etc. Never give up.

  • Yeah, but it's just the reality of life. Some won't use it for the reason u mentioned, others will. Better people having a "polite" option to finish a game if for whatever reason they want to.

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