I really miss Catan Online, and think the new format is an abortion

  • I am so saddened, really, at the loss of this online game and the truly bad response from the people who purchased the game rights. They really ruined a good thing with this appalling bad online game , and I have little hope for them since they haven;t sorted out issue after all this time.

  • Seriously, are you never going to fix this? Stop throwing good money after bad and talk to the old developer about he made a platform where you could play 20 to 30 games in the time it takes to download your game and play the same game, time after time, with a computer. Your online platform is just bad in so many ways, there is no fixing it, and you should start fresh if you want to make any money off it and get any word of mouth, because you have ruined a really fun online game.

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