can you build settlement on road intersection owned by another user?

  • In Catan Universe basic game, I still see a settlement being built by AI opponent in my intersection after I've placed roads on 2 out of the 3 intersections. This should be mine only to build, once I've claimed the intersection, right? Is this a bug, or have we been playing the board game incorrectly? I thought your opponent could lay roads up to their intersection, but it was a dead end for them. When AI places a settlement on such a spot, it reduces the count of roads I've built and takes away my longest road card, if the reduction takes me to <5 roads.

  • This is written in rulebooks. This is allowed. So many people don't know how the game works these days. It's like monopoly. No-one has actually read the rules.

  • No need to be rude, Stroom. My mom always told me that if I didn't have anything nice to say I should say nothing at all.

    But yeah, this is allowed, as long as the settlement you build isn't immediately next to another settlement, and it is directly connected to a road of yours. Such a settlement splits the road it is built on, so this is a strategic move.

    When playing cities and knights this could be prevented by placing a knight in that spot. (Although the intrigue card that everyone seems to hate can screw you over if you rely on that knight to block an opponent's settlement.)

  • Not being rude IMO. Just mentioning how things are with the game.

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