When is the game finished?

  • Hello. Didnt find a post about this so im asking here-when is the game finished? Its been early access now for a long time.

  • Probably 6 months or more. This is nowhere nearly as good as PlayCatan.

  • administrators

    @larbokel The early access will last until we are satisfied with the usability, the performance and the avaiable content of the game. Until then Catan Universe will stay free of charge.

  • Ok. I mean it should be possible to play a random map at basic game, and that everyone should have usernames.

    I also would like if we could see stats and karma of other players, and also our own.


  • administrators

    @larbokel What do you exactly mean by?

    @larbokel said:
    and that everyone should have usernames.

  • Now its possible to play without username. My experience is that these poeple quit much more often.

  • never this game is not going to make it

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