Points to Win

  • I mainly play seafarers. Would be good if somewhere in the game play it is clear what point number is needed to win. I can't remember for each game and normally others are guessing too.

  • administrators

    @JayDinSouth Thanks for the feedback. This is defenetly going to be implemented in the game. For now we listed all the avaibale scenarios here in the formus, including the VP and special rules. https://forum.catanuniverse.com/topic/1184/scenarios-rules-victory-points

  • This needs to be updated as soon as possible, it is really annoying...

  • Following on from this, and the importance, this needs to be prioritised. There are times it's not 100% clear which "game" is being played - especially when the basic map is being used.

    What makes it tough to understand is that the also appears to be a "game score to finish" bug where I know how many points should be in a game and it keeps going. I'd attach a screen shot of one but don't know how. You need to fix some of these basic bugs.

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    @JayDinSouth Displaying the scenario information when the game starts is definitely on our to do list and will be added in a future update.

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