Non active players after 1h playtime ... non existing players in database of players WTH

  • what the hell....keep playing online, with a players that became non active after 1h playtime. When i checked player (today 4 games,), 3 player stoped playing. When i checked theyr names, they are not even in a database of the players!!!!
    I wrote to admins, but no answer.... what the hell.

    Edit by @administrators

    Please don´t post names of other players here in the forums when talking about disciplinary action. Thanks for understanding.

  • administrators

    @brenko We are ware of the fact that some useres use this "tactic" o bully ohter players ou of games. We are working on solution for that issue. Please do not post the names of other players here in the forum. I therefore edited your post. If you have issues with other players regarding their behaviour, please cotnact @administrator or send an email to

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