• Just tried out Catan universe after using playcatan for a long time.
    My feedback:

    • The UI is not intuitive at all, hard to know what all of the symbols and icons mean. Please implement tool tips if hold your cursor over something it tells you what it is.
    • Please add dice statistics back in.
    • Please add VP requirements for the scenario so you can see these in game. (out of game will be handy too).
    • "Bug" - in C&K, the game allowed me to play a Crane card when I had no cities, which wasted the card as I cannot build city expansions without having a city. There was no indication as to why clicking on the expansions did nothing, it was another player reminding me via chat why I couldnt purchase expansion!
    • A sound effect when a turn ends will be helpful or at least when it is your turn.

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