Great catan scenario freezes when adding shipping route to the leftmost island

  • This happened two games in a row. As soon as I put down the ship, the tile did not show the number associated with it and my button to end my turn was not visible.
    The tile I has linked to was the sheep tile across from the ore. I had ot end the game. Too bad since I was winning.

  • Update. I have now had at least 5 games stalled by trying to add a settlement (computer) or a shipping land to an island. This is in different scenarios also. When I do it, I don't get the button to finish my turn. When the computer does it, it never finishes its turn. In fact, the graphic for the settlement wasn't finished drawing. On mine, if it was a sceneros that shows the number after hitting the tile, the number never shows.

  • One more instance happened when the computer took over after a human exited the game. The stall happened when running a shipping lane to an island.

  • I think this is the same bug that I've just found - the issue is missing information on what to do next.

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