Timeout set for non active player during play

  • Hi developers and regular (addicted) users :)

    i dont know, if other player will support my suggestion, but anyway here it is.

    For use regular player (every day 2-3 games), i think there should be additional feature to set timeout limit. It is very annoing for skilled players to wait for other players, that takes a lot of time for thinking and strategy. Ok i understand that the first position is the key for good play and takes a little more time, but afterwards game should run smoothly. I think that for player that know what they are doing, 30 second is more then is enought to end theys turn.

    Well this game is not a rocket science, it should be played faster.

    What do you think? Maybe with more request we can send message to developers to add-in this feature to one of the next future patchs.

    Kind regards,

  • 30 seconds is not enough. Maybe you want to build 2 roads, a settlement, buy a development card, USE a development card etc... Each action takes 10 seconds with the current shitty UI. In PlayCatan the timer is 3 minutes by default I think. That is an OK time. In real life (tournaments), some turns take 3-5 minutes because the trading takes a lot of time.

    But timers are needed. And there should be ways to extend and/or cut the time when there obviously is nothing else for the player to do (0 dev cards, 0 resources)

  • HI,

    soo i think the default time 3min is too long and should be reduced to 1min, 2 min tops. I know the real time play takes a lot of time for each turn, but isnt the online version of the game reason to play this game faster and more smoothly. Many players increase time duratuon of play because we wait them for a dice to rolled from them.
    Didnt anyone had expreriance before me with some player, that you constantly waited for them to roll and to trade and to place road? I think this is very important feature to be added to this game!!

    There should be option for other players to kick non active player after 2min.

    Well i dont know, maybe i am the only one who thinks that way?

  • I agree that some players intentionally prolong the game. The timer is needed but it should not be extra small.
    What about the case when one of the opponents has a lot of resources and he is at 7 points. He has a chance to win the game if he trades correctly with the bank and builds the correct stuff. He has to figure out how to trade the resources he needs and then build the things. Now the other players can use the timer to kick that player out of the game only because they do not want him to win. This is a problem the other way around now. Hasn't solved the toxicity of some of the players.
    What if it is about to be your turn but someone rang your doorbell and you have to go see who it is? You can ask the other players not to kick you out but there are a lot of people who would kick you out anyway.

    Having a timer of 2-3 minutes seems fine to me. 1 minute is not enough. Especially in the initial placement and the last part of the game when you have a lot of resource income.

  • @Stroom Right.:relaxed:

  • It would be great if a timer was set to 2 minutues after the last action of the player, so if they go stagnant mid turn the timer should stop and the players should have the option to boot.

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