Scrolling absurdly sensitive

  • I'm playing in chrome on OSX EL Capitan 10.11.3. If I scroll to zoom in and out I can only get to maximum or minimum zoom level. If I'm scrolling through scenarios I can only get to the top and bottom one.

    Scrolling is so absurdly sensitive that it's impractical to even try to use it.

  • This is still the case. Two finger scroll on an Apple touch pad is impossible to navigate and the arrow keys do not scroll. I would think either the arrow keys or user selectable scroll sensitivity would be a handy fix...

  • If I want to get to a scenario that is not the top one (The First Island) or the bottom one (Greater Catan, 4), I simply plug in a mouse and use the discrete scroll wheel.

  • You can click-n-drag to select scenarios. The problem is much worse when trying to zoom.

  • @alchemix This so is a problem for me while trying to play just hope they fix it soon it is so

  • Did they still not fix this? I've given up on actually testing the game until I'm hearing rumors of the game having actually improved. It's honestly ridiculous that after more than a year a lot of very basic problems are still in the game. I really hope that there will in the future be a platform on which to play Catan against other players in way that's fun and fast. But I'm having serious doubts about whether Catan Universe is that platform.

  • I have the same problem. I'd rather not being able to zoom out and have the info about what pieces are left and buying development cards in the UI.

  • @roger_the_shrubber I agree. It's uber silly for the development card button to be outside the visible playing field where you have to zoom in and out to get to it. With a PC version, there's no reason not to have everything on a permanent screen; like PlayCatan.

  • This is still an issue causing random zooms and hard to get back to a proper view. A lot of improvements lately, but this is an issue in Implementing view/zoom keyboard shortcut could help, but sensitivity adjustment would be even better.

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