Interface suggestions

  • So as we all can tell the interface isn't the best. What I don't like is the fact I have to move away from the board to build anything, the pieces should be placed next to it instead of separate screen. Also, the trade window is too big and doesn't depict the outcome hand well enough.

    As for the buggy side I don't like the fact I cannot see my hand when using the Aqueduct or getting gold from the river. Another problem is I can see all the resources transferred between my opponents, including stolen ones and all the Commerce Harbour exchange. What I cannot do though it to see what colours of progress cards my opponents have.

  • in addition, you have to make so many clicks for all of the actions, compared to PlayCatan. For playing a knight, you have to click on the dev cards, then select a card and then click the v button on the right bottom corner. Makes no sense to have the buttons on the corners all the time. Seriously, you are using a mobile device UI approach and it sucks!

    You have to re-do the graphics too and make it 2D. The animations block other actions so it all makes the game last so much longer. The fact that the buildings are actual models nad you have to pick them up sucks too. Just do it with buttons like in PlayCatan. Everything on one board.

    And zoom in-out is too strict too, it isn't even scrolling, it is selecting between different percentages of zoom.

    Still, all the problems come from your decision to make a tablet-like UI for PC. And the 3D is ugly too, bring 2D back. Also it would take less resources this way and people with old computers could play too.

  • @Pawelec123456 Absolutly right!

  • agree with all of the above

  • why can't we see the map when accepting trades, are we suppose to memorize it?

  • I meant *while deciding on a trade

  • yeah I think cutting down the actions would make the games run smoother and quicker.

  • I forgot to include the fact that when we have to discard or gain resources/commodities the number of cards to discard/take isn't shown.

  • nerfing the 3D to 2D would be a good idea I think, because 3D uses lots of resources.

    it would be also good if the buttons for actions would sign somehow when you hover the mouse on them (eg. get slightly bigger or get a white frame) and adding a hovertext for them (like Trading or something) would be really helpful for new players.

  • and I also couldn't see the bottom of the table. two trading ports were unseenable which doesn't add to much for gameplay...

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