WoodenCatan - A Crowdfunding Project

  • Hi Catan Lovers,
    I would like to present you our new CATAN version made from wood. We are two students, Clemens and Matthias and we come from Ravensburg, Germany. (You probably know it from Ravensburger – which is a famous producer of puzzles &memories) We both are studiing wood technology and are great Catan lovers. We want to offer a modern and timeless version of everyone's favorite game, Catan. We do this because we really like our first prototype and we believe that more people think as we do. We are in contact with the licence holder - it is not fixed yet. We want to hear your opinion - What do you think of the design and concept?

    ◦ timeless minimalist design
    ◦ made of natural resources
    ◦ for an awareness of our resources
    ◦ a robust, functional, ecological packaging
    ◦ Packaging for all extensions
    ◦ again wooden default playing pieces

    Here a small preview :smiley:

    Feel free to comment on facebook www.facebook.com/woodencatan or under this post. We want to make it mainly for you Catan lovers - We really look forward to your feedback Merci!

    Happy Settlling all to you :blush: