Random Map for Online Multiplayer

  • Hello,

    me and a few friends were extremely happy to find this online Catan Universe recently. We realize the site is still in early access and there are bugs still to be expected. With that said one of the biggest things to be fixed in my opinion is the basic game first map ability to choose random map.

    For the time being we have played through all of the scenarios of the different expansions just to get a different experience each game. But we are quickly coming to a close on having played all of the scenarios and expansions and I know it would be really awesome to be able to play on the basic game first map with a randomized map each game.

    I am sure we will continue to play and we will all try and post feedback for anything we come across.

    Loyal Catan Users

  • i agree. randomizing the map should be a priority

  • Yea, that is true.
    i enjoyed it until it became repetitive. then i just stopped playing.

  • I agree with others, we need random map to keep us interested in game. PLaying the same map time after time eliminates the fun factor

  • I played my first game and was told that it's the same map, no randomization. This really disappointed me, and I'll come back 2 weeks from now hoping that this has been implemented. Otherwise, it's just the same repetitive game with little variations in scenarios. :(

  • It's true. For begginers like me, be able to have random maps is the main beautifull aspect of the game. Always the same map becomes boring.

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