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    1. animation speed is acceptable for me now (it could be a little bit faster, but I would not complain about it)
    2. the resource distribution should not be slowed down
    3. Auto zoom is not necessarily helpful to new players, it makes some people rather seasick. A clearer view of the entire board is much more helpful
    4. the display time of notifications is perfect for me now
    5. no, I prefer visual info, but for new players added textual information might be helpful. an optional setting for beginners mode, with added text info might be a good idea

  • The notification when a 7 is rolled is completely unnecessary - ideally it should have a "Don't show this again" checkbox, so we can get on with discarding cards and placing the robber straight away. I'm sure we all know what a 7 means after having played the game once, the sound cue should be more than enough to bring a player's attention to the event. I also wish the notifications for Longest Road, etc. didn't stay on screen for so long, I'm sure there's a quicker way this information could be provided without blocking the game flow so much.

  • Please, please give an option to turn animations off and/or turn on a 2D mode. Or a minimal graphics mode that would disable autozoom, animations, etc. It runs soooo slowly; I can't believe the avatars are bustling about and waving and whatnot while my browser drags. I don't need to see how lifelike the AI is, or whatever purpose that is supposed to serve--I need the game to run smoothly.

    Related: why on earth is there a separate page for trading? That's a larger UI issue, but also more animation, more slowing things down, more opportunity to drag.

  • @eumenidea I have been pointing at those issues for half a year now. They will not give a sufficient answer. They want to do it "their way".

    1. Now its fine, but I would even speed it up little bit.
    2. Building needs to be faster.
    3. I think Auto-zoom is completely useless. I would take out this feature. Even though I know how to play it got me confused and was loosing sense of that game, had difficulties to to build up a plan and difficult to reveal what others are doing.
    4. Dfinitelly decrease time. I would just quickly display the card and then quickly animate it how it flyes between your cards... Or on a table in front of you (next to your spare raods, villages and cities. :)

  • Also I would very much appreciate the availability to zoom out little bit more. So that I can easily see spare cities, villages, roads of mine and maybe even the opponents and the whole game (of course). :) Currently if zoomed out on maximu I can only see whole game and my roads and maybe even the villages. If I wanna see my cities I have to drag it there and back (not mentioning that I can not see what my opponents have left)

  • There is still an artifact of the zoom-to-action functionality happening. The board re-centers itself on production rolls each time, after I have moved it a little to see the whole thing unobstructed. Please allow for disabling the board moving on rolls.

    1. The resource distribution and building animations are about right. The resource trade in with the bank could be a bit faster. Same with the buy development card card. Not sure it's the animation but trading with other players can have quite a delay on it.
    2. Auto-zoom must have been taken out. I agree it's not needed.
    3. Notifications are too long. This includes longest road, largest army, and especially the notification that the robber was rolled. Army and road aren't shown too often so even though it's too long it doesn't impact that much. Robber is rolled often though so it impacts how long the game takes.

    This is of course for the animation we have right now, not sure what it was 10 months ago.

    1. It's ok, but I wish the roads didn't spin before placement.

    2. Only display the "robber not moved" notificiation once before babarians invade

    3. On/off

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