As announced, the 1st official guild tournament held by the guild The Rivals for Catan ( took place yesterday.

6 out of 7 initially registered players engaged in 5 thrilling and fun rounds. Sadly, chew did not arrive without any comment.

In the end, I was able to win the tournament thanks to the right dice rolls at the right time. :)

See all results of each round and the final table below:

Results round 1:

Jesus liebt Dich 7:5 Traumweberin1 Feuerdrache 7:5 Elozyne Prinz der Sterne 7:2 Joker180 (win by default)

Results round 2:

Prinz der Sterne 7:6 Jesus liebt Dich Elozyne 7:5 Traumweberin1 Feuerdrache 7:2 Joker180 (win by default)

Results round 3:

Jesus liebt Dich 7:5 Elozyne Feuerdrache 7:6 Prinz der Sterne Traumweberin1 7:2 Joker180 (win by default)

Results round 4:

Jesus liebt Dich 7:6 Feuerdrache Traumweberin1 7:6 Prinz der Sterne Elozyne 7:2 Joker180 (win by default)

Results round 5:

Traumweberin1 7:6 Feuerdrache Prinz der Sterne 7:5 Elozyne Jesus liebt Dich 7:2 Joker180 (win by default)

Final table:

Jesus liebt Dich - 4/5, point difference 34:25 Traumweberin1 - 3/5, point difference 31:28* Feuerdrache - 3/5, point difference 33:27* Prinz der Sterne - 3/5, point difference 33:27* Elozyne - 2/5, point difference 29:28 Joker180 - 0/5, point difference 10:35

*During the tournament, all players agreed on letting the direct comparison count first in the event of ties. Therefore the places 2-4 are not distributed according to the point difference.