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@Stroom @MonkeyZ
I don´t know about the tech stuff, but I since I play a lot, I noticed that certain numbers have a kind of predictabílty in certain games.
For example, if 3 and 11 roll a lot at the start, I can predict they will roll often in the rest of the game. That is against all statistic probability, but it is what I have observed.
Or if 6 or 8 don´t roll much at the first few rounds, they won´t start doing so for the rest of the game. As if the numbers had just shifted, but still certain numbers are luckier than others. You just have to wait a while to see what the lucky numbers in this game will be.

You could not define it more correctly than this! (funny it’s 2 years ago)
I also find number 9 to be a bery specific one...

If every player could see statistics of all the rolls they have ever experienced that would ease this imho.
But the fact that rolls keep chasing specific numbers every game is quite annoying and makes me question the algorythm used on CU...