Catan Universe 1.7.1

New Features

• Random map method was changed to spiral distribution for numbers in scenarios that allow this kind of distribution
• CaK: It's now possible to see the colour of your opponents progress cards
• New UI/UX elements for Rivals for Catan:

Pan your camera from one principality to another with the click of a button Visual indicators for actions performed on a draw stack by your opponent Your opponents building actions will be displayed now

Fixed issues

• Inka - Mightiest Combat Arts can now be used only on time during your turn
• Inka - Mightiest Combat Arts can now be used before rolling the dice
• (mobile only) Inka - Building on overgrown cities/settlements via the mobile drag & drop menu will now display the new village properly
• Inka - Longest road trade bonus now also offers to trade different 2 resources for one resource of choice
• Inka - The monopoly card now shows the correct info text
• (desktop only) Rivals - When trying to use a card's special function (e.g. large trade ship) the action button (star icon) is no longer hidden behind the enlarged card
• Rivals - "Sebastian the itinerant preacher" (EOT) will now save you from only one Feud or Fraternal Feuds