Catan Universe 1.8.1

New Features

• Turntimer is now visible for other players
• Dice animations can now get deactivated via options


Clients will log out automatically once a new version is installed!

• -Improved ‘offline’ overlay handling
• -better Kicktimer overlay handling

Fixed issues

• Rivals: Badges show up again correctly
• Rivals: Attack Cards now work properly again
• WebGL: Graphics options are clickable again
• Players that had their usernames changed can again be found on the Leaderboard
• STEAM/WebGL: Numbers in dice statistics are now properly readable again
• Placement matches now get properly calculated again
• Fixed several display and click issues in the Statistics Screen at the end of a game
• Singleplayer games will now reward players again with the proper amount of XP (if the player is below level 20)
• All Bundles in the shop now get displayed properly again
• Dissolving a Guild is now possible again
• Prestige Rank Leaderbaord is now properly scrollable again
• Stolen resources are now hidden form other players
• Dice Sounds will only appear once per dice roll
• Certain assets will now have the proper resolution on high resolution devices