Catan Universe 2.0.0 Release
New Features

• new main menu UI (full reskin)
new flow → select single/multiplayer → expansion → game mode
• new “level progress screen”: shows rewards for players’ level progress
Raised experience level with new rewards from 20 to 25

• lvl 21: Asia-Pieces
• lvl 22: Orient-Tiles
• lvl 23: Set-Tinting 2
• lvl 24: Asia-Tiles
• lvl 25: Orient-Pieces

• New pet: Al Pacacino

• new sun system, suns can be used to play a single player game
• new emoji chat system
• matchmaking panel (in the top center, when matchmaking is started): show ‘player dots’
indicating how many players are found, e.g. 3 of 4 players → 3 filled, 1 empty dot

• Custom Match / Singleplayer Options: toggle for “Random start player” (incl. tooltips); crown indicates 1st player is the start player (incl. tooltip)

New account system

• registered users can play Catan First Island, Custommatch for free in locked options, only 3 players
• Android and iOS users can purchase IAP (gold) without registration
• once they register with their all IAP and progress is transferred to their new “registered user account”
• STEAM and Browser users have to register before they can buy in the in game shop. But their progress will now get transferred if they have already played without any registration
• unregistered users can’t use the in-game chat anymore

New in-game UI


• button click for normal build menu behavior → new in both
• desktop/mobile
• players can also drag&drop → already existing feature in the mobile
• version
• if candidates are shown: headline indicates “Select position for x”
• in-game options screen
• panels get translucent when trade board is opened → panels are sent to
• foreground on hover
• panels can be opened via keyboard keys ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, … (plus ‘enter’ for
• panels can be pinned → in default ‘unpinned’ state, if the user clicks outside of the panel, it will be closed
• drag&drop cards, like in mobile version
• show cards on hover
• resource bar
• tooltips, like on mobile version
• new designed screens like ‘select player’, ‘select dice’, etc.
• new hide/show buttons, like in mobile version
• quick trade, like in mobile version
• game action ticker (on left bottom of the screen)
• shows actions of all players, like building, buying or playing cards, etc
• holding ‘alt’ key shows tooltips immediately (even if deactivated)
• almanac quick links: ‘shift’ + left mouse click on UI / board items shows almanac entry

Mobile Version:

• options bar always stays on left side (better usability)
• UI supports safe area of all kinds of ‘notched’ mobile devices (not only iPhone X + 11 but
more Android devices) → Unity 2019.3.x update

Mobile and Desktop Version:

• better UI animation / badge / game overall flow
• dice animation before badges
• better “+/-x” animations & card animations
• opponents’ game pieces are animated from their build menus to the board
• gamelog/chat: automatic scrolling to newest entry is deactivated as soon you scrolled up
• hints to UI → highlight on elements like player frame, victory points, trade block,
• show ingame menu → options, dice statistics

• board pieces animation on start / exit in-game: pieces fall onto table / fly away from it
• hexagon animation when loading in-game
• new “it’s your turn” ticker
• drag&drop / build buttons show amount of game pieces left
• game log: added ‘players turn’ separator
• players own game pieces support physics

In-game camera Mobile and Desktop

• automatic camera movement
• camera zooms/moves to new/destroyed buildings, and when ships,
knights, or the barbarians are moving
• enable/disable 2d camera
• enable/disable automatic camera movement
• move camera per screen edge - slider
• tooltip delay – slider
• emoji system


• movement per keyboard (arrow keys + WASD)
• movement when touching screen edge
• zoom towards mouse cursor position (before: centered zoom)

New in game shop system

• new purchase flow when clicking on an expansion when not enough gold
→ ‘buy via gold’
→ shop opens, shows ‘gold’ category with overlay indicating how much gold is
→ then, when purchased, opens ‘expansion’ category and selects the initial
expansion for purchase

New Tutorial steps

• new tutorial steps for camera movement, zoom & tilt

And many many smaller and bigger bugfixes…